Meridian Massage

Meridian Massage: Experience hands on healing.

A meridian massage is a form of massage therapy based on the theories of traditional Chinese medicine.

It is a uniquely personalised therapy that allows your practitioner to both feel and treat your body's imbalances through touch.

Together with traditional Chinese medicine, meridian massage treats each person as a whole, not just the individual parts of their physical body.

Understanding your body through touch.

Some health problems are hidden and sometimes physical symptoms can be hard to describe.

Our meridian massage practitioners are experienced at finding tension in your body and identifying which acupuncture meridians are excessive, deficient or stagnant.

Stagnation and imbalances in the acupuncture channels and their related internal organs are the source of many physical symptoms according to Chinese medicine.

During a meridian massage treatment, your body's meridians and points are stimulated through touch, comfortable pressure and manipulative techniques (instead of needles) to improve circulation, promote healing and relieve symptoms such as tension and pain.

Meridian Massage

Cotreatment noun.

A combined treatment by our acupuncture and meridian massage practitioners at the same time.

A co-treatment is a unique and precise healing method created by our community acupuncture and massage practitioners.

During a co-treatment, both practitioners work together to methodically find and release tension in your body from head to toe.

It's not uncommon for our practitioners to find and treat tension along three or more related meridians before all the tension from an area is finally released.

How to book your meridian massage.

Your meridian massage takes place on a lie-down table in our shared treatment space. There's no need to undress during your treatment, simply come wearing loose and comfortable clothing.

Regular meridian massage supports and strengthens the body's natural ability to heal and rebalance itself. Regular treatments can alleviate stress and improve circulation to maintain your health.

First Visit

$78 Weekdays

$90 Saturdays

40 mins

  • Meridian Massage

  • To give our practitioners the time to get to know your body, we recommend starting with a 40 minute meridian massage or co-treatment for your first visit.

Return Visits

$39 Weekdays

$45 Saturdays

per 20 mins

  • Meridian Massage

  • 20 mins

    A short meridian massage treatment of 20 minutes helps to address a specific issue and is suitable for follow-up treatments on a weekly basis.

    40 mins+

    A longer session of 40 minutes is suitable for treating multiple issues and the extra time allows your body to enter a deeper state of relaxation.


$78 Weekdays

$90 Saturdays

40 mins

  • Combined Acupuncture & Meridian Massage

  • A co-treatment is suitable for more complicated or long-term health issues which can benefit from two practitioners focusing their efforts to solve your health issues.

When booking your first visit, you can start with a meridian massage alone or book a co-treatment with acupuncture. Our practitioners will then be able to advise you about which treatments are most suitable for your body and symptoms.

Meridian Massage

To me, the body says what words cannot. Martha Graham